Go digital or go bust! Why now is the perfect time to up your digital presence?

Updated: Oct 1, 2020


Pandemic has resulted in a lot of disruption to a huge number and variety of businesses. Many companies are trying to move and explore the new ‘norm’ and find their feet online, while others had their online platforms running for a while with great success.

Social distancing is a norm now, so traditional marketing strategies have suffered and may not bring the desired result. For example, commerce that was successful on walk-ins will now see a shift towards e-commerce. The power of a face-to-face sales and engagement from conferences or events might well stay a blast from the past, for now anyway.

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The ability to thrive in the pandemic is the biggest benefit of a digital presence. For example, those with physical premises but lack of e-commerce presence, were forced to shut their premises and either go digital or go bust. Customer behaviour has changed a lot too. The findings are that customers use ‘online’ platforms not only to buy goods. It is common now to purchase houses after only seeing 360 property virtual tours, attend whisky virtual tours and choose university or school based on 360 interactive guided tours. Customers search all the time, and if they like what they see, they order your service or goods online. It is convenient, saves time and most importantly is safer for them and their family.

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The number of internet users is constantly growing as well as their desires. Changing needs of customers is what drives the digital world, e-commerce now is bigger than ever before. It is time to up your digital presence. Enquire now about 360 virtual tour to showcase your business to the world!

Stay safe and healthy.

Your EagleVue 360 team

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