COVID-19 and shooting 360 Virtual Tours

Coronavirus has affected and altered lives all over the globe. In the UK some parts are still affected by a ‘local’ lockdown and restrictions. For people travelling from abroad, there are currently quarantine measures put in place. This is the new norm, for now anyway.

We get asked a lot ‘Can you still create virtual tours with all those restrictions in place?’. To bring a piece of mind , we’ve come up with FAQ related to COVID-19.

‘Can you shoot virtual tours in lockdown?’

Yes, we can shoot 360 virtual tours in lockdown, whilst strictly following government's released and frequently updated coronavirus guidance.

‘How do you travel to us?’

Due to the nature of the job and distances we would always travel to a shoot by car.

‘What happens during the shooting?’

Only one photographer will attend a venue for now. We always try to adhere to social distancing regulations, avoid touching doors and furniture where possible. The use of masks and gloves is in place where appropriate. As we tailor each individual tour to our customers needs, every shoot is different and we take universal precautions for each one.

‘Why should I invest in a 360 virtual tour now?'

Every business is different and there is no one size fits all answer. Majority of businesses were struggling during lockdown because they could not allow prospective or returning clients inside their facilities. Social distancing rules are still in place, which results in minimised footfall. Also, vulnerable customers may feel anxious about their visit to your business.

For retailers, the ability to ‘keep your virtual doors open 24/7’ is a valuable content which will generate interest and attract paying customers.

In hospitality, an immersive virtual tour allows online visitors to see the premises and increase the bookings for many years to come.

For estate agents, 360 digital content will help to attract more potential buyers and speed up the process to close sales.

Virtual tours can be used as part of the sale process for exhibitions or venues, which only a reduced number of people can see now.

Virtual tours will showcase what you have got on offer to a world. The possibilities are endless and only sky is the limit.

While society is rapidly moving to a digital world, we are adapting and exploring new technologies. This can be a great opportunity to either introduce or improve your digital marketing game.

We have tried to answer the most common questions we get asked in these unprecedented times. If you have got a question we have not answered or want to discuss anything further please contact us.

Stay safe and healthy.

Your EagleVue 360 team

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