Animated panorama virtual tour with integrated video

We are proud to share the animated panorama virtual tour with integrated video guide created by the EagleVue360 team. Just click on the young lady for video greetings.

And, of course, don't forget to pop in into this shop for amazing cakes when you are next time in Glasgow.

Great comment on animated panoramas from our partners 3DVista:

"Imagine you could click on a person inside a panorama to make them start moving and talking. That's what an animated panorama is. Less heavy than entire 360º videos but more alive than still panoramas, animated panoramas are the ultimate way of informing your audience. As opposed to popping up an info window, the element itself, be it a person or - say a production line, starts moving inside the panorama when being clicked, to explain or demonstrate from within. Or you could simply make a fireplace light up or have the pot on the oven start steaming to create an ambience.

Pepper your tours with little goodies to be discovered."

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