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The new solution for taking clients, students or colleagues on a virtual walk-through that truly is shared. Live-Guided Tours allow you to have a video call inside of a virtual tour. For the personal touch and assistance that remote showings may have lacked up to now. 

This is a great little revolution in terms of virtual tours: Virtual tours with integrated video conferencing that can be controlled by any participant. Surely a paradigm shift for Real Estate, Universities or even Tourism. 

What does it do?

Take your guests “by the hand” on a virtual tour by mimicking your screen on theirs (or theirs on yours if you give permission). Synchronizing where you look, you can take turns on controlling the virtual tour. Guests can still “unhook” from that and take a closer look where THEY want so as not to lose the interactivity that characterizes a virtual tour. With a simple button click they hook back onto where the host is (equally, the host can force any guest to join back into their viewpoint with a button click).  At the same time, you can talk to each other as you go through the virtual tour.

Live Guided Tours are accessible on both desktop and mobile devices, so your clients can dial in from their mobile phones as well.

The host (be it an agent, a teacher, a colleague…) can point out areas of interest in real time and discuss what’s being seen in 360º by everybody in real time. The guest (client, student etc.) can follow where the host takes him, look around on his own or ask for permission to control the tour for everybody as if he were the host- ideal for asking questions on elements and details in the scene.

Don’t fancy leaving your client alone trying to explore and understand a listing? Give them a guided tour with a personal touch by taking them through the space – virtually, but accompanied.

More than Screen Sharing

Live Guided Tours are more than a video conference with a shared screen. They’re a communication tool embedded in a virtual tour. Everybody can navigate the tour as they’re used to or follow the lead of the one controlling the tour. But everybody sees the tour in the quality that it is – a big difference to trying to screen share a 360º medium.


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